Why Magento’s PWA (Progressive Web Applications) Studio Is A Boon For The Merchants?

Are wondering about the hullaballoo around Magento’s PWA Studio? Well, you are in the right place! Recently, Magento announced the general release of PWA studio that is based on the set of best practices that can help in making a web application function similar to the mobile application. This suite actually includes tools for developing online stores that help users with app-like experiences.

What to expect from it?

The suite is such that can help the merchants to eliminate the dilemma about the conversion of their site into a mobile version. It is capable of delivering a highly personalized cross-channel experience for the merchants. It won’t be wrong to say that PWA is an evolution in the world of the mobile world. This is certainly a new front-end architecture for the merchants and the developers. Though we are calling it an app, it is will prove to be a fast and engaging online in-store solution.

How will it shine?

Why should you choose PWA over something else? Well, here are some of the aspects that can present you with clarity regarding that question.


Native apps certainly can provide frictionless experience but the execution needs to be absolutely flawless. The issue crops up about the expense of the app. There is no denying that mobile apps are costly to develop and maintain. This is where PWA becomes a convenient solution. It delivers app-like experience within an affordable price range.

Fast browsing

PWAs are must faster when it’s about user interaction. The pages are much smoother to scroll while the transition is also effortless. It changes the need for re-loading of the pages by offering a progressive changing experience. It helps in increasing the conversion rate for a merchant.

Increased Re-engagement

PWA can easily be saved on the home screen of the Android devices. Hence, it can easily be accessed for repeat use. It eliminates the need for opening the browser to visit the site and also it can very well operate in full-screen mode. Furthermore, PWA also offers services like push notifications.

How will it help the retailers?

With the increased use of mobile, there is no doubt that it is the most transformative force in retails currently. PWA helps the merchants in reducing the complexity involved in the mobile conversion. Further, it also optimizes user experience.

Concluding comments

Magento and PWA certainly make a good couple! Indeed this is a right step that will help the merchants in delivering a fast solution.

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