5 Reasons Why Shifting To Magento 2.2 Is The Best Idea

Is an upgrade always better than the original one? When we are talking about Magento 2.2 then that seems like the case. Many have adopted this new upgrade, there are still some who are in dilemma about selecting Magento 2.2. This article lays down some of the advantages of shifting to Magento 2.2 for you to take an informed decision.

Ajax Cart

It allows in adding items to the shopping cart without the need for reloading of the entire page. Besides enhancing the shopping experience, it also helps in reducing the strains on hosting hardware.

Improved hosting framework

With this, the users can co-opt for numerous servers. That will help in easing the demands on the hosting framework when there’s a surge in the traffic.

Improved checkout

With Magento 2.2, it’s now easier to verify the registered customers via email. Moreover, the guest access to checkout can be given without registration. In short, the registration will be simplified. Further, it also helps in minimizing the checkout requisites that simplifies the complicated process for the users.

Easier admin navigation

With an improved interface, it also provides the admins with highly organized menus. The advantage is quick and easy handling of functionalities. These are the improvements that allow the site administrators, especially the non-tech-savvy ones, to carry out the basic maintenance efficiently.

Mobile optimization

Use of mobile is increasing with each passing day. It won’t be wrong to say that more than 50% online transactions are processed through mobile devices. However, mobile browsing is often slower than the desktop version. The Magneto 2.2 will help in harnessing the enhancement to increase the interaction of the mobile e-commerce sites with the users.

Wrapping up

This new upgrade will soon make the previous one obsolete. These are not all but there are a plethora of advantages that you can access by shifting to the new upgrade. There are experts who can help you with the smooth transition. To make the shift just call us on PHONE NUMBER or drop an email at EMAIL ID.

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