Version upgrades

We understand how important it is for any organization to keep updated with the latest technology to keep its business fresh and running and hence provide version upgrade services to keep our clients keep their cool in the game.

The reason why we insist our clients to always run their website on the latest version is because the updates help keep their image as fresh as it can be while battling any petty problems one might be facing, including performance improvement and bug fixes, which in long term proves beneficial to attract more customers. After all, happier your current customers are, more new business they will help bring in.

Our version upgrade service is carried out in three easy steps where we help our clients to install the latest and most legit Magento file tree, run the installer to replace the old database and finally move over custom extensions and themes to the new version with minimal effort.

We, at Invinge Technologies help make the up-gradation process as easy as it can get. And, also ensure that you are constantly updated and have all the information about the latest versions available in the market.