Performance Optimization

A business cannot perform its best until and unless the core system is performing its best. The same hold true for the popular e-commerce and the platform it runs upon, Magento. While it is true that Magento is by far the best platform for any e-commerce to up its online business game, equally is true that Magento is a part of vast technology that needs to be constantly updated.

Since hackers and bugs sure know how to crack their way into a running technology, it is best to keep updating and upgrading your Magento versions to beat them at their own game. We, at Invinge Technologies help you do just that and more.

We help you optimize your Magento and e-commerce performance by incorporating all the best possible solutions suited for your business, which further helps improve your sales chart and conversion rates by reforming and enhancing the user experience.

With strategies like latest version upgrades, cache utilization, image optimization, flat catalog enabling, database and log clean ups, MySQL configuration, index updates and PHP accelerators, we help ensure that you have a robust and highly scalable platform that scales up as you grow.