Code Audit

In order to carry out even the simplest day to day activities, one needs to be completely fit and healthy. The same applies to your business and the website that connects it your customers. In even simpler words, just like a regular check-up with doctor can be a life savior, a regular check-up of your website with an expert can be a business savior!

At Invinge Technologies, we thoroughly examine your online e-commerce business and help you maintain your website in the best possible manner. We diagnose and fix your website of any notorious or potential technical glitches to help you run your business hassle free and scale new heights.

Our experts provide easy to follow guidelines to improve your current business model along with an in depth analytical report on your website’s code quality and usability. We also help you understand the strategies and processes around which successful e-commerce businesses revolve, which further enables you to identify and fix any minor issues on your own in the future, thereby ameliorating your overall sales and conversion rates.

Other than this, we also provide database integrity and third party extensions preliminary review, speed and performance analysis, potential Magento core system modifications and top priorities for your developers.