3rd Party Integration

It is only understandable and logical if an organization wishes to focus solely on its core business processes, and not get involved with any other technologies. However, with the ever expanding business arena and in such a competitive market, the organization might have to incorporate at least some, if not all the solutions from a technology or service different from their own. In such cases, third party integration seems to be the best bet an organization can make.

We, at Invinge Technologies help you decode the bitty gritty of third party integration systems, and up your business game. With our integration services, you can leverage all the services, inventories, databanks and other business related information provided by the leading third parties.

We incorporate the most suitable approach for different businesses, depending on their specific requirements, through white labeling, XML and API. Our team brings its long earned experience and know how in third party integration services to help bring our clients the best solution in stipulated or even lesser time.

Whether you need third party integration with a payment gateway, XML, wholesaler, contributor or global distribution system, you can trust us to bring you nothing but the best solution.